Trademark Policy
Blooming Companies own a variety of intellectual property rights including trademarks and/or trade names. In addition to several other legal rights, all trademarks, logo's and trade names used on this Web site is owned by Blooming Companies and are protected by Sri Lankan intellectual property laws.

Any person who uses intellectual property, including trademarks, logos and/or trade names belonging to Blooming Companies for any unauthorized purpose or in any way that dilutes the distinctive quality of the trademarks or that creates the likelihood of confusion with such trademarks are liable for the infringement of the owner's rights. No user of this Web site has any right, title, or interest in those marks or names unless expressly granted the same in writing to such user by Blooming Group.

No materials from this Web site, that may include the trademarks as owned by Blooming may be published, uploaded, downloaded, transmitted, posted, copied, reproduced, distributed or republished except with the permission in writing from Blooming Companies.

Corporate Head Office

Head office.
Colombo Road, Mahawewa,
61220 (NWP), Sri Lanka.

Tel     : (+94) 32 49 34 646
Fax    : (+94) 32 20 54 444
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